Sam Porter Bridges: Carrying The Hope of Reuniting Shattered World

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Sam Porter Bridges (portrayed by Norman Reedus), the main character of Death Stranding; is a legendary porter & member of Bridges which plays an important role in expanding the Chiral Network and integrate the United Cities of America or the UCA via a westward expedition. He was born on November 9 to Clifford Unger & Lisa Bridges.

In Death Stranding, you control Sam Porter Bridges whose skills include being able to deliver packages to various places. In the future world, the world is in trouble thanks to the emergence of Beached Things (BTs), the extradimensional entities which symbolize the death of life. The nation has been torn apart by an apocalypse – the Death Stranding, and it’s up to Sam to reconnect the country to deliver packages by walking from city to city.

Sam can engage in both shooting & close-range melee combat including using his briefcase as a weapon. He can explore the areas from hiking the mountains to crossing the rivers with items like ladder and climbing anchor. A close attachment to his bridge baby, BB-28, is fostered upon Sam’s first trance connection with the infant. Throughout the journey, Sam calls the infant “Lou”, a nickname he had given to his unborn daughter.

Suffers from aphenphosmphobia – a kind of fear of being touched, Sam initially overcame his problem through his relationship with Lucy, his late wife. Lucy has mentioned that his condition was likely caused by limited social interaction as a child. Unfortunately his recovery has been regressed upon her death. However it is noted that Sam doesn’t fear this new world like others do as he is able to come back to life after “dying” thus making Sam the perfect person for this new reality.

A government group led by Die-Hardman approached Sam and sends him on a mission to “make America whole again” by traveling across the entire country in an attempt to literally reconnect the country by linking cities to a chiral network. To achieve this, the deliveryman Sam Porter must travel across a ravaged wasteland and reconnect the city states of America which have been formed after a mysterious apocalyptic event called “Death Stranding” occured which left the world in ruins.

Besieged by the tide of death at his every turn, Sam Porter Bridges must brave himself to face a world terrifically transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the hope of the future in his hands, you now bring Sam to embark on his journey in reuniting the shattered world in your time.


Title: Death Stranding
Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Action
Player: Single Player

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