AMD Radeon RX 580: Beyond HD Gaming Experiences

AMD Radeon RX 580: Beyond HD Gaming Experiences post image

The AMD Radeon RX 580 is the AMD’s latest mid-range graphics card to take on the latest AAA games at Full HD and 1440p resolutions. It is a minor update to the last generation RX 480 with a clock speed bump across the range.

The RX 580 comes in both 4GB and 8GB VRAM options. It’s not that the former is much cheaper but it does essentially makes you miss the flashiest graphical stuff such as Ultra-high quality textures in games which support them. In addition having less memory generally has the potential to give your problems when running games with higher resolutions. 8GB makes more sense considering that the RX 580 appears to have been made with 1440p firmly in AMD’s collective mind. On the other hand RX 580 on test is very quiet even under load thus even extra power will not result in harsh sounds.

Looking from the outside, this GPU’s appearance is classy and a bit flashier with a clean mix of black, grey, and aluminum. Sapphire’s sturdy back plate is made of metal while the plastic fan shroud resembles polished metal. The cover’s composition is immediately apparent when you touch it.

This GPU has been tested through several high performance games and it looks like Hitman was always going to hand the advantage to AMD as the assassination franchise is better optimized for Radeon hardware. From the test, the RX 580 pulled out a 7.5fps lead at Full HD and 3.4fps ahead at 1440p. Hitman was also looking suitably sharp at both 1080p and 1440p. Although the RX 570, it’s less powerful sibling did not particularly struggle in running this game, you can see that the RX 580 really kicks it up a notch.

Although it is just a minor update, the RX 580 is designed for those who did not fancy the RX 480 much in 2016 and now have the budget to upgrade your gaming performance. It is undeniable that you can save more money if you opt for a 4GB RX 580 however a small jump up to 8GB can be a future-proofing and good investment for you.

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