Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming Early 2019

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After a long 13-year wait since the last installment, Kingdom Hearts 3 will finally be released somewhat later than expected. This is based to an announcement made during Saturday night’s Kingdom Hearts Orchestra event by Director Tetsuya Nomura who made a surprise appearance at the event in Los Angeles to share the news via a trailer.

Until today, fans of Kingdom Hearts franchise have been expecting a release date for the popular Square Enix & Disney mash-up action RPG in 2018. However the announcement of its release date undercuts those expectations as the Kingdom Hearts 3 will be arriving in 29th January 2019.

It’s a really a long wait for the fans as the gap between incoming Kingdom Hearts 3 and latest Kingdom Hearts 2 will be over 13 years. Kingdom Hearts II was released for the PS2 in Japan back in December 2005 and since then Square Enix kept the franchise alive with prequels and remixes.

The Kingdom Hearts fans will have to wait until next year to finally play the franchise’s next installment however a few more months is not something terrible as they have been waiting over a decade for the game to finally arrive. We hope that the wait is nearly over and it will all have been worth it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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